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A short list of the best organisations to donate to,
in order to fight against climate change and its effects.

Clean Task Air Force

Clean Air Task Force (CATF) is an international nonprofit established in 1996 that focuses on reducing air pollution. The CATF relies on facts and advocates for innovation and clean air. The Founders Pledge recommends them as their “top pick in climate change”.


Carbon180, originally called the “Center for Carbon Removal”, is a nonprofit organisation based in the US that works on carbon removal. It is led by co-founders Giana Amador and Noah Deich.

Evergreen Collaborative

Founded in 2020, Evergreen Collaborative works on policies. In fact, it has become so influential, that the Biden administration has actually adopted important parts of the Evergreen Action Plan, a policy plan created by Gov. Inslee that provides the foundation for their work.

Future Cleantech Architects

Future Cleantech Architects (FCA) is a German climate innovation think tank focused on closing remaining innovation gaps in order to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Industrious Labs

Industry is responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Industrious Labs, launched in October 2022, is an organisation with the goal of having heavy industry producers turn to low-carbon production faster.

Good Food Institute

Good Food Institute (GFI) is a nonprofit think tank that aims to make the global food system better. Currently, GFI is working on cultivated and plant-based meats.

Climate Emergency Fund

Established in 2019, Climate Emergency Fund believes in the power of activism. It raises funds to support climate activism and, so far, has funded 106 organisations.

Defenders of Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is national, non-profit organisation aimed at protecting wildlife and addressing the effects of climate change.

International Fund for Animal Welfare

International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) is a global non-profit founded in 1969 with the mission of protecting animals in need. IFAW has projects in more than 40 countries and works with the European Union and IUCN Save Our Species.


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