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Three Ways to
Help Save Our Planet

Everyone can do something to help fight the climate crisis.
Below is a list of what you can do.

Understand your impact

Knowing how you affect the planet is important, as it is one of the first steps towards taking action to protect the environment. One popular way to do this is by using a carbon footprint calculator. ClimateHero and The Nature Conservancy’s calculators are easy to use and offer meaningful insights. After you calculate your carbon footprint, make sure to plan your actions to reduce it!

Change your lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle means creating new, positive habits and eliminating old, negative ones. For instance, you could accomplish this by making modifications to your diet, or by using less plastic. There are plenty of apps that may aid you such as the Plastic Soup Foundation’s app, My Little Plastic Footprint, which helps in reducing your plastic consumption.

Support action

Sign petitions, advocate for better policies, donate to charities, or even educate others around you on what they can do to help the environment. Supporting action has great effects. In 1970, Earth Day, for example, brought more than 20 million people together and caused the United States Environmental Protection Agency to be created as well as several acts, such as the Clean Air Act, to be passed.


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